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Apr. 4, 2018 - The Denver Law Review is currently accepting submissions for its Recent Developments in the Tenth Circuit issue. For details on the issue and submission instructions, please review this document. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!

Mar. 5, 2018 - The Denver Law Review will soon be accepting submissions for the 2018 Emerging Scholar Award. For details on the award including eligibility, award information, and submission instructions, please review this document. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!

2018 Symposium – Uproar: The Intersection of Animals and the Law

Feb. 9, 2018 - Uproar: The Intersection of Animals and the Law The Denver Law Review  presents its Volume 95 Symposium, Uproar: The Intersection of Animals and the Law. Uproar will explore the relationship between animals and the law.

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Volume 95 Staff Announced

The Denver Law Review is excited to announce the Volume 95 Staff. Please join us in congratulating them in this accomplishment and supporting them in continuing the fine tradition of the Denver Law Review. Please click here to view the masthead.

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Denver Law Review

The Denver Law Review is the flagship journal of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. The Denver Law Review strives to publish articles of the highest quality in all areas of the law. The Denver Law Review has proudly featured such distinguished authors as U.S. Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, William O. Douglas, and Byron White, noted constitutional law scholar Erwin Chemerinsky, and consumer advocate Ralph Nader. The Denver Law Review actively seeks submissions from professors, practitioners, and judges from all practice areas.

The Denver Law Review publishes four issues annually. Two of the issues contain articles of general legal interest, while one of the issues focuses exclusively on the law of the 10th Circuit. The fourth issue contains articles drawn from the Law Review’s annual symposium. In 2008, the Review also published a special fifth issue discussing the historic 2008 Presidential Campaign and the election of President Barack Obama.

The Denver Law Review is one of the oldest legal journals in the United States. The Denver Law Review dates back to 1923, when its predecessor, the Denver Bar Association Record, began publication. In 1928, the name of the publication was changed to Dicta. The journal was published under that name until 1963, when it became the Denver Law Center Journal. It became the Denver Law Journal in 1966, and the Denver University Law Review in 1985. Finally, the journal became the Denver Law Review in 2015.


DLR Online

Technology’s role in legal scholarship is rapidly expanding. DLR Online was envisioned as a readily accessible, fleet-footed supplement to the Denver Law Review. The forum combines the agility of a legal blog with the analysis of a traditional law review article. Many of the posts provide immediate updates on emerging legal issues; others provide more substantive analysis in a shorter format than might appear in a traditional print journal. All of the content is designed to promote discussion of important legal issues and to aid in the development of new ideas.

DLR Online focuses in four areas. First, DLR Online provides a platform for members of the Colorado Bar to discuss issues arising in their area of practice. Second, DLR Online extends the Denver Law Review's annual 10th Circuit Survey issue by posting our editors' take on recent decisions, from both state and federal courts sitting in Colorado. Third, we periodically host online symposia discussing pressing legal issues. And finally, we preview our forthcoming print issues by posting summaries of our upcoming articles.

For inquiries, please contact either our Senior Online Editor, Austin Jensen (ajensen19@law.du.edu) or our Online Editor, Mitchol Dunham (mdunham19@law.du.edu). Our preferred citation is 96 Denv. L. Rev. Online (2018), available at www.denverlawreview.org.


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