Events & Announcements


February 4 & 5, 2016 - Future World IP: Legal Responses to the Tech Revolution. The Denver Law Review will be presenting its annual symposium this coming year on the role of intellectual property law in bringing new technologies to fruition and to the market.

We are pleased to announce the Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust as the Platinum Sponsor of the Denver Law Review 2016 symposium.

We are further pleased that Molly Kocialski, USPTO Regional Director, and the Honorable Nina Wang of the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado will be our featured speakers on Friday, February 5!


We've Changed Our Name!

The Denver University Law Review is now the Denver Law Review, and the DULR Online is now DLR Online.

Volume 93 Staff Announced

The Denver Law Review is excited to announce the Volume 93 Staff. Please join us in congratulating them in this accomplishment and supporting them in continuing the fine tradition of the Denver Law Review. Please click here to view the masthead.

Please click here to view the photo masthead.

DLR Online Proudly Presents a Special Issue: The Direction of Delaware Law

DLR Online's new special issue, The Direction of Delaware Law, features six student articles covering a variety of changes taking place regarding corporate law in Delaware.  The issue represents the continued collaboration between the Denver Law Review, DLR Online, and Professor J. Robert Brown, Jr. 
Please explore the full issue here, including a thoughtful introduction to the issue by Professor Brown.
Prior special issues from the DLR Online can be found here.

Denver Law Review Announces Emerging Scholar Award

The Denver Law Review is pleased to announce that it has selected Kate Sablosky Elengold, Practitioner-in-Residence at American University's Washington College of Law, for the Emerging Scholar Award of Volume 93.

Click here for more information!


Subscriptions and Submissions

For information on how to subscribe to the Denver Law Review, please click here.

For the guidelines on how to submit an article to the Denver Law Review, please click here.

2015 Denver Law Review Candidacy Information 

The Denver Law Review candidacy period begins on Monday, May 18th at 9am to Monday, June 1st at 12pm.
To apply for candidacy, please join our TWEN page, Denver Law Review Candidacy 2015-2016. There you can find preliminary instructions for the candidacy period. Further instructions will be posted with the candidacy packet.
For more information, please contact Lindsey Sadler, Candidacy Editor,


Transfer Students

Transfer students are encouraged to apply to the Denver Law Review! Please contact Brittany Wiser at for more information. All applications must be received by August 18, 2015. And every student who is invited to join must attend the Denver Law Review orientation on August 22–23, 2015. 


Denver Law Review Membership Selection Policies

Who is Eligible?

Membership to the Denver Law Review is limited to law students selected by the Law Review through a process that places heavy emphasis on scholarship through highly developed bluebook and editing skills, as well as demonstrated ability for strong writing and legal analysis. Law students interested in joining must participate in a write-on competition at the end of their first year. 

The Law Review strongly encourages all eligible law students to consider becoming a part of the Law Review. Candidacy will be open to all first-year day and evening students, as well as second-year evening and dual-degree students provided they have not previously completed the Law Review candidacy. This will be the only opportunity for first-year day students to join the Law Review. Students may ONLY attempt the candidacy process once. Downloading the packet constitutes an attempt.

Time Commitment

All Candidates who accept membership to the Denver Law Review must serve a two-year commitment. Law Review editors are required to write a comment on a Tenth Circuit case during their 2L year (the editor may opt to use this piece for the Upper Level Writing requirement). 2L editors and 3L editors are required to assist with cite and source responsibilities throughout the year. Editors may take up to 6 credits of their out of class credits for Law Review duties.

Candidacy Requirements

Candidacy Packets must be downloaded from TWEN. Follow the directions and deadlines in the Candidacy Packets. More information on candidacy dates is coming soon.

Selection Process

The candidacy team will assign one grade to the bluebook/edit and one to the case comment. The grades will be added together resulting in one score for each candidate. The candidacy team will balance the two documents (Bluebook section and comment) to determine who is most eligible. Those candidates with the highest score will be invited to join. The candidacy team expects to notify students selected for the Law Review by the end of July, in advance of the mandatory all-day training session held the first week of classes.

Why should you join?

The Denver Law Review invites all eligible students to apply for candidacy and become a part of its tradition! The Denver Law Review is the flagship and oldest, student-run journal at the Sturm College of Law.

The Law Review gives you four opportunities to be published as a student.

  • We publish up to four student case comments from our Candidacy Period each year.
  • Our annual Tenth Circuit Survey, one of four issues we produce each year, consists almost entirely of student-written papers.
  • 3Ls have an opportunity to publish in conjunction with their directed research or upper-level writing requirement.
  • Our Online Supplement, DLR Online, provides additional opportunities for students to publish their work.
  • Student authors typically work with faculty members, who help provide guidance in writing these papers.

By participating in the Law Review, you will learn how to edit and improve articles submitted to our Law Review for publication by professors, judges, and practitioners throughout the nation.

  • Improve your writing, editing, and Bluebook skills.

Membership affords you opportunities to get to know faculty, Law Review alumni, and fellow students as you work together and through numerous social activities.

  • Law Review is a great way to begin to develop a close-knit network of future lawyers in the Colorado legal community.

Having the Law Review as a credential is beneficial when seeking employment or clerkships.

  • Participation on the Denver Law Review gives you an advantage in your legal career for many years to come.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Candidacy, please contact the Candidacy Editor, Lindsey Sadler (