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Events & Announcements

Apr. 4, 2018 - The Denver Law Review is currently accepting submissions for its Recent Developments in the Tenth Circuit issue. For details on the issue and submission instructions, please review this document. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!

Mar. 5, 2018 - The Denver Law Review will soon be accepting submissions for the 2018 Emerging Scholar Award. For details on the award including eligibility, award information, and submission instructions, please review this document. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!

2018 Symposium – Uproar: The Intersection of Animals and the Law

Feb. 9, 2018 - Uproar: The Intersection of Animals and the Law The Denver Law Review  presents its Volume 95 Symposium, Uproar: The Intersection of Animals and the Law. Uproar will explore the relationship between animals and the law.

This event is open to the public. To register for this event, please click here.

Volume 95 Staff Announced

The Denver Law Review is excited to announce the Volume 95 Staff. Please join us in congratulating them in this accomplishment and supporting them in continuing the fine tradition of the Denver Law Review. Please click here to view the masthead.

Please click here to view the photo masthead.

Subscriptions and Submissions

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Vol. 96 (2018–2019) Denver Law Review Candidacy Information 

The Denver Law Review candidacy period begins after finals week of the 2018 Spring semester. More details to come. 
To apply for candidacy, please join our TWEN page, Denver Law Review Candidacy 2018–2019. There you can find preliminary instructions for the candidacy period. Further instructions will be posted with the candidacy packet. 

Transfer Students

Transfer students are encouraged to apply to the Denver Law Review. For more information, please contact Mariham Yaft at myaft20@law.du.edu.

Denver Law Review Week

Please join us for Denver Law Review Week, taking place April 2nd through April 6th! Students interested in joining the Denver Law Review will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of being a Denver Law Review member from current members and DU Law faculty. Furthermore, interested students will have the opportunity to attend sessions held by current Denver Law Review members discussing the write-on process and how to successfully submit a competitive candidacy packet. Please see below for more information. Note that both Information Sessions and Bluebook & Case Comment Crash Courses will address the same information in Session 1 and Session 2. The two times are to better fit into student schedules. We hope you will join us and help to further this prestigious tradition!

Monday, April 2nd

12:00 p.m., room 190 - Information Session 1

5:00 p.m., room 190 - Information Session 2

Tuesday, April 3rd

12:00 p.m., room 190 - Bluebook & Case Comment Crash Course 1 

5:00 p.m., room 190 - Bluebook & Case Comment Crash Course 2 

Monday, April 9th

4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., forum - Law Review Meet and Greet Happy Hour

Denver Law Review Membership Selection Policies

Who is Eligible?

Candidacy will be open to all first-year day and evening students, as well as second-year evening and dual-degree students provided they have not previously completed the Law Review candidacy. Students may ONLY attempt the candidacy process once. Downloading the packet constitutes an attempt.

Selection Process

The Law Review will notify students selected for membership by the end of July. 

Why should you join?

The Denver Law Review invites all eligible students to apply for candidacy and become a part of its long and outstanding tradition. The Denver Law Review is the law school's flagship legal journal and the oldest, student-run journal at the Sturm College of Law. Membership on this historic and prestigious journal provides many benefits, both immediate and in the future.

Skills: By joining the Denver Law Review, you will learn how to edit and improve articles submitted by professors, judges, and practitioners across the nation.

People: Membership affords you opportunities to get to know faculty, Law Review alumni, and high-achieving fellow students. Law Review is a great way to begin to develop a close-knit network of future lawyers in the Colorado legal community.

Resume: Having the Law Review as a credential is extremely beneficial when seeking employment or clerkships. Similarly, the Law Review gives you four opportunities to be published as a student. 

  • We publish up to four student case comments from our Candidacy Period each year.
  • Our annual Tenth Circuit Survey, one of the four issues we produce each year, largely consists of student-written papers.
  • 3Ls have an opportunity to publish in conjunction with their directed research or upper-level writing requirement.
  • DLR Online provides additional opportunities for members to publish their legal scholarship.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Candidacy process, please contact Mariham Yaft at myaft20@law.du.edu.